Ghanima Gaditana - Class Information


Classes are Monday evenings, and drop-in students are welcome. Classes are held at my home studio space located in the South Bay. I have two classes:

Fundamentals is at 6:30, and is recommended for those who are just starting out in this dance form. I also welcome more advanced dancers who wish to focus on the building blocks of good technique: correct posture and body alignment, including proper carriage of head, arms and hands; the core repertoire of steps; simple transitions, isolations and combinations; basic cymbal technique, and how to hear the music.

Advanced Skills is at 7:30: these students have been dancing for some time, and have a good grasp of the basics as presented in the Fundamentals class. We'll do more advanced transitions and combinations, more complicated cymbal patterns, musical analysis (bring in music you'd like to understand better), and a variety of folkloric and modern styles, while continuing to clarify and refine technique. We also consider both improvisation and choreography (to your own music, perhaps); how to relate to an audience, including cultural and psychological concerns; performance skills and stagecraft, costuming, makeup, and many other aspects of the dance.

Although the above may sound very technical, let me assure you that we all have a lot of fun while we're working hard!

Come dressed comfortably, for movement. If you have them, bring finger cymbals and a hip scarf of some sort. If you don't have cymbals, you may purchase them from me for $15 at the start of class.

If you're interested in private classes, let's talk.

A single class is $10; if you double up, and take both classes back-to-back, it's $15 for the evening. If you pay for a single-class four-week block, it's $35. A double-class four-week block is $55. The four-week blocks usually start at the beginning of the month, but sometimes the last Monday of the month counts as the first of the next month's series.

Please email for directions, or with any other questions you might have. Please type the email address at bottom right of page into the address field in your emailer.

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Hope to see you soon!


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